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OOC Chat

This RP group is under major construction.
It is based, not on just one specific MMORPG, but MMORPG's in general. The idea was generated from the anime series such as Sword Art Online and the .hack series.
Currently, I am looking for help in running this group.
If you are interested, please contact ariellexsin for more information.

Thanks to the amazing Ihnhi for the icon and all her wonderful help<3 :iconbrohugplz:

This is the section of the group where you can take a look at the kind of races that Erynion Online holds. Using this, it will help you decide what kind of race you wish to have your character play as while they are online in the game. There are 6 races that you may choose from in the world of Erynion. Each race has a special perk ability or buff for magic or attack skills but each race is not restricted to certain classes. Though, it is preferred to keep a class in mind while picking your characters race. The current territory names are under construction so please ignore that part.


Nothing really special about humans except they are easy to adapt to any class. Their skills are generally more balanced opposed to other races who generally have a decent amount of HP. They have the added ability of magic, though they cannot regenerate or have the strength behinds it like other classes such as the Aerandir. Humes are also generally good with technology, like running airships… A main means of transportation in Erynion.  All humans contain a special buff skill that increases all their stats by 50%. The buff timer lasts 5 minutes at level one and slowly increases in time as you level. 

Humes reign from <insert territory name here>, though are seen widely throughout other regions.


Aerandir are a very high and noble race. They are not subject to disease or physical aging, though they could be killed by violence or by losing the will to live. They are known to be one of the most intelligent races and also tend to take a lot of pride in such. The Aerandir are considered to be one of the oldest races in Erynion, for they have seemed to come into existence around the same times as the Valkyrn and Daermon. They are generally very handsome of face and body, tall and slender, with long pointy ears; and they have far better vision and hearing than most races. Aerandir are light their feet, can travel long distances without leaving tracks, and often can walk lightly across snow where others would usually sink. 

Aerandir are generally best with healing magic. They have excellent magic regeneration and are excellent at casting types of magic than they are with physical skills. Though, that does not leave them completely restricted to magic-casting classes. Their light feet can be a great assent to other classes. 

Aerandir reign from  <insert name here>, and are typically not seen far from home unless there is a reason behind it. 


The Daermon are very similar to Aerandirians, for they were made from the mix of Aerandir who had gone bad and the Valkyrn; though they are not generally evil. The Daermon consider the Aerandir has a brethren race and try their best to maintain on their good side. Much like their kin, they are not subject to disease or physical aging, though they could be killed by violence or by losing the will to live. They aren’t quite as intelligent as the Aerandir but they are quite quick at the tongue and usually tend to come back at those with witty remarks. They are nearly as beautiful as the Aerandir sharing many of the same trade marks such as their ears, sometimes the only difference one may tell between the two races would be skin color. Daermon generally have very pale skin tones that range from shades of grey, blues and purples.  Daermon aren't quite as light on their feet as their kin, but can move around in near silence. 

Daermon do well with attack type magic as well as instances with need for quick evasion. They have decently high magic regeneration and can even do well with physical type classes.  

Daermon reign from  <insert name here>, a neighboring territory to <insert Aerandir’s territory>. Some can be found in <aerandir territory> or just wandering Elynion’s lands. 


The Valkyrn are the only race that has sub races. Nobody really knows where the race had originally sprouted from for they are a race shrouded in mystery. Valkyrn are in short the most gorgeous race in all of Ernyion and they use such beauty to draw in their ‘prey’.  They are generally a dark and evil race that roams the realm of Ernyion, having to place to actually call a home.

The first of the sub-race of Valkyrn is the Thur. Thurs have quite the talent for  draining Magic from their enemies, whether its player or monster. Because of their skill, Thurs generally have very low magic.  

The second race of Valkyrn is the Thurda. Like Thurs, the Thurda contain a very similar special ability where it allows them to drain HP rather than MP.  Like the Thurs, because of their skill, they tend to have extremely low HP.


Beserkers are generally an all male race with the exception of the occasional female. Beserkers were nicknamed the “Giant Race” for they are generally very tall and buff. Some can generally give off the appearance of some humanoid-like monster. Beserkers generally have high strength and high health which allows them to pull off some of the perfect Tank-type classes. All Berserkers have a special ‘Berserk mode’ that doubles strength and  HP but lowers defense.

Bererkers reign from <insert territory name here>; a land far off from other race’s countries,  near the forests and mountains.


To be added in Erynion Online's first expansion. 
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